Where have all the entries gone?

Well as you can see, I am not blogging much lately. Nor am I being a good little boy and making it to the gym. Financial troubles are heavy on my mind and pretty much through the gym stuff out the window for this week.

I have a horrible December money wise. I always have big bills due and never enough money. Usually I sell a week of my vacation in order to cover the expense but I have no more vacation left till the end of May 2006. So I’ve been doing a lot of chicken scratching to figure out how this will go down.

I’m getting some money from KC Free Health for ad that I did, but they are so slow in paying. They have a lot of red tape to go through before the money reaches my door. If I get that money before December I will squeak by, if not, I will have to borrow some to cover.

Oh and by the way, all the stress and not going to the gym has my weight up to 208 lbs. yeah! 🙁

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