Week of Food

Well, I blew it this week. I didn’t go to the gym once, I ate tons of Halloween candy, and I gorged on pizza.

Despite all that I weigh in at 205 lb this morning. Huh, kind of weird. Next week will be better for the gym part, I will work on the food part.

I had to do a lot of crap at work and that kind of stressed me out. We even had overtime (yep I was at work and working by 5:00 AM). A very special part broke on some equipment at work and they had to do all the work manually. Manually took much, much, much longer to do and everyone was helping the department out (as they got more and more buried). Luckily they got the part FedEX’d and the department quickly recovered.

However, that same overtime day I had to go to an off site workshop and take notes for three hours. I was very tired when I got home from work and barely kept my eyes open on the couch to watch some TV.

I also fell behind on my blogging. I didn’t really have much to say and I was kind of tired of computers.

It is definitely Fall around here. Tons of leaves on the ground. Shannon has raked twice and you would never guess it. The ground is just covered with pretty yellow/orange leaves. I guess I’ll go out side this afternoon and work on the backyard leaves, that should pretty much take up the entire afternoon!

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