Fall is definately here.

First off, my weight after a “naughty” weekend of eating: 205 lbs. I went to the gym and did my workout and had a hard time finding the right tune to motivate me. It was a bit off today, but I muddled through the workout and did all my exersies to the fullest.

When I got home I left the car on the drive and prepared the house for Fall weather. I took both hoses into the garage, Shannon’s bike (left in the backyard for over a month now), and pulled the chicken wire fence off the deck and rolled it up and placed it down in the basement. I also took the two rotting rugs that have sat rolled up on the drive for about a month (we are so white trash) and put them in the refuse heap in the backyard to eventually get taken to the dump.

I dragged the 4′ x 8′ MDF board covered in mold from the garage and onto the heap. It was such a waste to have it get ruined in the basement with one of our water leaks. It was suppose to be the “replacement” to the current office desk I built. I’ll have to buy a new piece of MDF and give it another go in the spring.

I pulled all the staples out that I used to hold the chicken wire onto the deck. Sweat was dripping from my forehead and nose while I did this. I was getting a second workout!

One thought on “Fall is definately here.

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