Gym again

I weighed 202 lbs and went to the gym again. It was a good workout but there were too many people there tonight. I had to rearrange my workout to get to the equipment I wanted.

Shannon and I went to a Mexican restaurant recommended by my supervisor at work. It was very tasty but the music was alarmingly loud and I think everyone was giving us looks (not in a good way).

One thought on “Gym again

  1. Where was this Mexican restuarant? on the Westside? Glad to hear you like being back in the gym. As for me , I’m inspired by teaching an art calls and being around creativity once again. I have a few drawings in a gallery hear whose focus is male ( gay erotic art so to speak. ) The opening was fun, maybe I’ll make a few dollars( “Dirty Little Drawings” is the show.

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