The day after… the gym

Boy I can feel it in my muscles. All that working out Friday – and it was only 45 minutes worth too! Feels good and I look forward to Monday’s work out.

I did some fixin’ up of the ‘ol Blog. I didn’t realize that the comment pages and date pages were a little messed up. All the side bar stuff was loading at the bottom of the page. Opps. Well that is all fixed now. It took awhile to figure out. Ended up being one word was in the wrong place so everything loaded crazy!

I also added pictures of Jaki and Shannon. So when you click on their names it shows their photo in a new little window. Awwhhh isn’t that cute.

I added an email link to the blog as well. I don’t know why I waited till now. It’s a secure “form” method of email so it stops the little spam spiders in their tracks. I’ve gone to using this method on all the web sites and blogs I maintain.

It’s a great sunny day and I’m gonna go out and get a few things at the store and enjoy the day!

2 thoughts on “The day after… the gym

  1. Hey buddy ,what are some D titles? I haven’t purchased much this year. I did buy, George Michael’s “Patience”.

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