First day at the Gym

I think today was the first time this year that I went to Ballys. It’s sad to say but true. I’ve gotten out of my routine and I need to get back into it. So I’m going to blog each visit to the gym or at least post my weigh in so I can look back and hopefully see progress. Todays weigh in is 200 lbs.

Shannon and I went on our Friday “date” – kind of thing. He has Fridays off so we go out to eat when I get home. We ate at Jackstack BBQ and it was great! I had onion rings for an appetizer (it was a cheat meal), and the baby back ribs. I also had a Manhattan with the meal. I haven’t had one of those in years. It was fun.

Afterwards we went to Brookside and had a scoop of ice cream. Very nice evening!

2 thoughts on “First day at the Gym

  1. Steve I know how you love those onion rings…and what was that “Blossom thing” you used to eat made out of onions… I’m glad to hear you have found your wayback to the gym. You will feel better in the long run. I can’t talk too much I’ve been slacking off myself.I don’t know if it’s the weather or if I’m just dietracted by all my personal woes. Anyway, I plan to make there tommorrow.

  2. Alston, I remember that “Onion Blossom” thing but don’t remember which restaurant it was from. Not Outback Stake House, might have been Houston’s.

    Let me tell you I am sore today from just the little work out I did yesterday! Ouch! But that’s a “good thing” as Martha would say!

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