Added Catagories

I thought my blog needed a little organization so I added Categories. I’m not sure I like what I picked for the Categories. I went through all the entries and assigned them categories and then added my side bar and footer to the archive pages so it would be easier to navigate through. What a fun Sunday, huh.

I have to go into work for overtime in the morning Monday. That means I get up at 3:00 AM and leave the house around 4:00 AM to be at work and be working by 5:00 AM. We are offered to stay late and do our overtime then, but not enough workers volunteer to stay after work so we go in before work (manditory).

The overtime is bound to slow up here soon. I will be glad when it does. I like the extra money but I’m tired of all the work.

One thought on “Added Catagories

  1. Steve, e have been experiencing Indian Summer. The weather here has been humid for the last few days and in the 70’s. we’ve had very little rain.
    As a result, i’ve caught slight bug.

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