Stress Relief

I had a crappy day at work. Someone I work with loves to take advantage of their work environment. Basically they end up getting paid around $17.00 an hour for “goofing off” at work. They spent an entire afternoon “making a home budget” Thursday.

We are doing over time and they are doing nothing productive! I did 6 hours of over time this week, staying after work for 2 hours on three different occasions. All that overtime seems to be for nothing if people are going to do “whatever” when they should be producing orders to get us caught up! I just don’t understand that kind of work ethic!

I was so upset with this person that I could barely eat lunch. I ended up eating a small chicken burrito out of the vending machine (which I found a chicken bone in).

I tried to just let it go. There is not much I can do other than tell my supervisor (which I have already done). He says he will talk with my co-woker. I guess I take work too seriously. I don’t expect everyone to be a perfect employee. We all take an unscheduled break now and then but not for hours on end!

Shannon and I went out to eat. That helped me to relax and forget about the dumb co-worker. We even got a coffee and walked around the Plaza for a bit. It was nice. The weather is beautiful. I wish I would have taken my camera. I popped into the Apple store and drooled over the “toys” and talked with an employee there that I know.

3 thoughts on “Stress Relief

  1. Steve, you are not crazy… a little anal LOL , but in this instance, it’s the pits when othr people don’t pull their weight at work. it would drive me crazy too. Sounds like you did exactly what you needed to do for relaxation. I miss going on the outings we used to do especially looking at electronics and buying music. As for me I love my class at School of Visual Arts. I’ll speak to you soon Happy FALL!!

  2. Hi Steve,

    I know how you feel. We just got rid of someone in our office that did the same thing. We were all relieved when she finally got fired. She spend practically the whole day chatting on the phone to her friends and when she wasn’t chatting she was text messaging them.. She used up all of her vacation and sick leave by January. Then was gone almost every Monday or/and Friday. What finally did it was she went to lunch one day and didn’t come back then calls around 4:00 and told the boss she had to take her mother to the doctor and that she would be in shortly. She came in the my boss told her she as suspended for 3 days without pay. Then last month, she pulled the same thing. She didn’t come in Monday morning and the boss called her several times with no answer. She calls in on Tuesday morning and tells my boss that she was too sick to call in on Monday. The boss informed her that she was fired. The boss packed up 7 xerox boxes of her personal things that she had at her desk. Unbelieveable! She’s trying to get her job back but I don’t believe she’s going to be successful even if she takes it to court. She always had some drama going on in her life and I called her the drama queen of the office.

  3. Thanks guys!! Your comments really help. This has brought to my attention the need for stress relief in my daily regimen. I am going to start exercising again – it was a great stress reliever. If I hadn’t stopped exercising this probably wouldn’t have gotten to me as much. Thanks again for your wonderful comments!

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