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It feels like I’ve worked all weekend! I spent all Saturday afternoon and evening on “Let’s go there – BLOG” for David Simpson. He registered his new domains and now it was time for me to remember how to set up a new server space and get all the DNS numbers talking nicely to each other.

Once that was done (not an easy task, either!) it was time to download his blog that I had kept stored in a folder on my web space (to test it out and stuff). I had to try and keep all the changes, adjustments, improvements I made to his blog on my server and upload that content to the new space.

It all went rather smoothly. That is until I tried to log into the new web space blog that I copied from my test space and uploaded to the new space. It didn’t work. I had to go through a partial install to get it to recognize it was on the new space. That means all the content isn’t recognized either. It kept getting worse. This was all taking place late Saturday night after working all day practically on his stuff.

Now came the fun part. I had to open two browser windows. One for the new space and one for the old test space. Then it was: make look identical. I had to make sure the new space had all the same files and no extra files. Then make sure the file names were correct for the new space and not linked to the old space. Then copy and past from the old space into the files on the new space so the content of the files was correct. Sounds like a fun Saturday night, huh?!

Which brings us (me) to Sunday morning. Okay, none of the “articles” or “entries” came over in the move. So what I did to the files in making them identical is going to happen to 112 files for the articles. Yea, it is going to be a fun morning! At least with these I just have to click “new entry” on the new space and then in another browser window have the old space entries open and copy and past into the new entry window. Assign it the same category as the old entry and save, 112 times.

Want to see my progress (or lack of it?) then go here: LetsGoThereBLOG

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