Jaki’s bald spot

I took Jaki for her 10 day check up at the vet on Tuesday. I must say that that vet is not the cleanest of buildings. I guess you get what you pay for, huh. Anyway, We waited for the doctor to see her little bald spot where the ring worm was and to see how it was healing.

The vet said the spot looks like it is free of ring worm and now it will probably take a couple of months to grow the hair back and to keep putting ointment on the spot for another two weeks.

Jaki doesn’t really like that vet. She is very jittery there. I may have to go back to the “original” vet and see if she does have a preference or not. I do like the office of the original vet better than this new cheap vet.

She has a toe nail trim coming up in a week or so, I’ll take her back to the original vet and see how she reacts there.

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