Baby Sitting Weekend

I got the pleasure of watching two Dauchound this weekend; Fiona and Ruffus.

This is Fiona, she is just over a year old.

This is Ruffus, he’s about ten years old.

They like to wrestle, ALOT!

Fiona was anxious for Greg & Ron to get back home.

We spent a lot of time laying in the sun on the back porch. Well, okay, I sat in a chair and Fiona and Ruffus layed in the sun. I spent at least an hour there each visit to give them plenty of time to play and go out side about twice during the time.

Greg and Ron have a great back yard with lots of plants and flowers. Here are a few pictures to prove it!

They put these stepping stones stairs in themselves.

Lots of insects too. Can you find the butterfly in this photo?

Maybe a close up will help.

Fiona and Ruffus were real good. They didn’t make any messes in the house in their little closed up pin area and were happy to see me each time. Before they got Fiona, Ruffus was grumpy and sad when I would sit with him. Now that they have Fiona, it keeps Ruffus company and happy.

Jaki was a little curious every time I came back home as to what all the smells on me came from.

3 thoughts on “Baby Sitting Weekend

  1. Jaki was back at our home. I went to Greg & Ron’s house three times a day to let them out to play and go to the bathroom.

  2. Well, Rufus and Fiona were taken care of very well while we were gone. We have never had anyone take care of our children like this before.
    I can not say enough nice things about Steve for doing this for us.
    I really like the flower pictures and the pics of the children playing.

    Again, thank you so much Steve for watching them over that long week end we had.

    Rufus and Fiona said thank you too. They were very happy to have you watch them.

    Love, Greg/Ron/Rufus/Fiona

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