Get-r-done Weekend!

I’ve done more this weekend than the last few months combined! Lots of little unfinished projects and some completely new. It feels good!

Here’s what I did over the weekend:

1. Finished up the surround sound speaker project.
The two back speakers still had the original (thin) speaker wire on them and I had the Monster Speaker wire in a sack waiting to be put on. The project was halted due to strategy. “How was I going to hide or place the wires?” So the project sat. For about a year and a half the Monster Speaker wire sat in the basement.

So Sunday I proceeded to take the old wire off and put the new on. We had been walking (if not tripping) on the Left Rear speaker wire every since it went up. It hung down from the speaker mounted on the wall next to the ceiling and then along the wall to the floor and across the kitchen entrance to the audio system. I ran the new wire down the side of the hall closet and then sat for awhile to figure the next move. What to do with the wire? Along the wall on the floor to trip on it again or down to the basement. Then I got a sneaky idea. I took the cool air intake cover off (which is right next to the hall closet on the floor) and inside, there was a tiny hole in the metal where it meets the wood beams just big enough to fit a Monster Speaker wire through (16 gage). That got the wire down to the basement which then took a direct diagonal across the basement ceiling (unfinished) to the corner where there is already a hole for cable. So up through that hole which is in the corner of the living room next to the audio system. Left speaker done!

This took all of my 50 foot roll. So to the store I went to get another 50 foot roll for the Right Rear speaker which was going to be a lot easier. For it I just went down the side of the front door to the floor and then shot along the wall on the floor to the corner then to the audio system. I used my staple gun to hold the wire against the sides of the doors and along the floor to keep it taunt and hidden.

End of project 1.

2. Hung the cleaning supplies on the basement door.
I’ve had this hanger for about three months now and finally got the thing up onto the basement door. I think I was stumped because I kept wanting to hang it on the stair wall to the basement. Which wasn’t a good idea and hard to accomplish. So it never got hung. I then thought about the crappy door to the basement. It has holes all over it already so what’s a few more, right! Now all the broom and mop stuff is right there, handy. I also picked up a manual carpet sweeper so we can keep up on the dirt traffic on the living room “white” rug and kitchen floors. It works great for in-between the regular vacuum runs.

End of project 2.

3. Compile 5 remotes down to 1.
We have way too many remotes siting on the living room coffee table. One for the cable box, TV, audio system, VCR, and DVD. I have seen articles about Learning Remotes and wanted one for awhile. So while at Walmart I saw one for $18 and it listed all the component brand names that we had at home so I tried it. It is GREAT. I even programed in a couple of Macro’s. One Macro turns on all the components needed to watch a DVD movie and gets the audio system set correctly for DVD listening. Another Macro turns all them components off. A Macro is “ran” by pressing the Macro button then a number button. This remote will store up to 6 Macros. I set the DVD Viewing Macro to number 1 and to turn off the DVD Viewing stuff is Macro button and number 2. To turn on the TV and Cable box is Macro button and 4. It even lights up in the dark, pretty cool.

End project 3.

I’m tired so I think I’ll go relax in front of the TV. Next week will probably require more overtime. I did 6 hours of overtime last week. I stayed 2 hours after work Monday – Thursday. Ugh! But I need the money so I can’t say no.

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