Cracks in the Basement

With all the rain, the “hairline cracks” in the basement walls have “emerged.” It is evident that most of them were covered up with some type of patching material and with the shifting of the house have reemerged. Since I have no money right now, I’ll just have to wait to do something about it till later. I guess we’ll try to patch it and paint it with one of those water barrier paints for basements.

I am so broke. My money matters kind of slide to the side of my attention. So it will be a tight few months or so till I can get back on track. I had to sell my last full week of vacation just to get back up to zero. I will have to go back to my days of Consumer Credit and watch every penny I spend and cut back where I can. Luckily there are plenty of stocked up items in the basement for me to eat off of.

It will help that we are starting to get some Over Time in at work. I put in 4 hours on Saturday morning and put in 2 hours after work during the week. The Saturday Over Time is for another department that sends work to our department. We have to help them out on Saturdays to keep the work flow moving.

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