2 Year Anniversary

Today is our two year anniversary of when we met. Hard to believe it’s been two years. Shannon bought me a very nice card and some beautiful flowers. I got Shannon a card and treated us to dinner at “On The Border” and we ate till we were about to bust.

Afterwards we went to the Verizon store and got Shannon’s phone looked at. He has been having a terrible time with static. You can’t even understand him. The tech discovered it was a simple problem of too much dust inside the phone creating static. He took a can of air and fixed it in no time. I’m glad that didn’t cost anything. In November my two year contract is up and I get a new phone for free. Shannon will get my current phone and I get a new one. We looked over the phones and everything is getting BIG again. Our phones are very small, almost half the size of some they offer now. I can’t wait for November…. it will be like a early Christmas present to get the new phone.

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