My Day Off?

Well, I took today off to relax and do what ever I wanted to do. I was feeling kind of stressed out and needed a personal day to just do what ever.

So on my day off I cleaned the basement and re-arranged the stuff down there so we would have a work out area instead of a tiny little junk space for working out. And I took the old woven rug from the living room out and put our “new” rug in it’s place.

Some day off, huh!

I enjoy this kind of stuff and it actualy makes me feel better, more relaxed. And that basement was bothering me to no end. It needed a good cleaning. We had mold growing out of the carpet that was down there (an area rug actually) and on top of it was a nice new piece of MDF that I was going to use for a desk until it got attacked by mold. Now it is trash. Sad really.

We got a used “trampolene” from the thrift store. It was Shannon’s birthday present actually. You can see it in the picture.

And for cool lighting (and to get ride of the mold smell!) I added some candles.

So that was my day off. Now I’m gonna sit out on the deck and relax with hopefully no mosiqtoes!

You may notice the large board of MDF in the background of the basement photo. I need Shannon’s help to cary it up the stairs and get it out of the basement. So my project is not completely done.

One thought on “My Day Off?

  1. Steve, likw so many folks ,we suffer from feeling guilty when we take “free time”
    You were most productive and when you work all day ,five days a week who really feels like taking on these task on the weekend?

    Great job!

    PS. I’ve just goten around to cleaning my bedroom some !!

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