A Mouse I’d be proud to keep around.

This is just too cool! Check out the latest Mouse from Apple.

I took Jaki to a new vet tonight to test them out. She needed her toe nails trimmed so it was a good excuse to see what they were like. They are the same distance from our house as her regular vet (that she’s gone to since she was born).

I’m a little torn to leave her only vet she’s know to go to a cheaper one, but the difference in cost is pretty big. Her regular vet wants almost $200.00 to clean her teeth (which need cleaning very bad) and this new vet charges $70.00. Her regular vet charges $8.00 for a toes nail trim and the new one $6.00. I just hope the cheap cost doesn’t reflect cheap care. I am a little worried but I have to believe everything will be alright. They do have to put her under to do the cleaning and there is always a chance that something could go wrong. I’m going to try and get the day off so it will be easier to drop her off and pick her back up.

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