Rain at last!

Yeah for free grass watering! It is raining a lot and has been for a couple of hours now.

I was almost part of a car pile up on the way home from work today. Luckily the car causing the damage swerved or bounced off the cars lined up behind me and went shooting past my passenger side into the intersection. It was creepy because my passenger side is up against a embankment of grass and trees. I heard a weird sound and saw a car shoot by. The sound was the car smacking a tree and then veering past me into the intersection. I don’t know if they lost control or what happened. The front end of the car was smashed in and the back bumper bent from catching the tree it side swiped. I was first in line at the intersection and there were at least three cars behind me. They might have swerved to miss the line of cars and lost control on the embankment. It’s wet people – be careful!

Due to the rain, which we needed, the AC repair guy has rescheduled my appointment for Wednesday. So I will have to wait another day to see what is wrong with the AC.

I realize that this new Blog software has a bug. It is sending out 3 emails for every new posting. I hope in the full version that is fixed, I am after all using a beta version and there are bound to be bugs. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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