Testing the water

I am testing out a new application called “ecto.” Ecto works with Blogging apps like my MovableType (MT). Ecto makes publishing and creating Blog entries very easy. Without ecto I would have to log onto my blogs web site and make my entries online and use the MT’s default software which is cumbersome and a little confusing. This ecto software allows me to make the entry off line and then upload it when finished. Adding photos and links is as simple as drag and drop with ecto and a lot of work with MT!

Ecto is a $17.00 application and I get to test it for 20 days to see if I want to fork out the cash, which is good!

Now on to my regular boring blog stuff.

I am on day two of testing the Claritin for my rash. It appears to be a good substitute for Zertec (and much cheaper). I will try out the remaining three Claritin pills and if all goes well, get the generic brand and keep the Zertec for emergencies.

Jaki dealt with her oatmeal shampoo bath very well (no growling this time). I need to get a rubber mat for the kitchen sink so she has a good footing. Poor thing was sliding around making matters worse for her. After she was about dry, Shannon took a brush to her to get all that loose hair (and there was a ton of it) out of her coat. The deck looked like sheep was sheered on it. There was fluffy white dog hair all over the place. Jaki looked much better after the brushing. We were a little worried she had some weird skin problem causing her to loose hair – nope, she just needed a good bath and brushing. <whew!!>

Shannon and I cheated with our diets last night and the scale reinforced the results this morning. I went up another pound and currently weigh 194 lb. I have to start working out along with the diet to get any results. Now that I am not drained of energy (thanks Zertec!) I should be able to start working out.

One thought on “Testing the water

  1. Steve, what can I say? you are always on top of new technology. You really should have your own business. thanks for helping me look good. I have an appointment fora teaching position at School of Visual-Arts next Thursday. I’ll keep you posted. it looks like I may have finally sold my property listing in the Bronx. So I Actually have a whole weekend free to myself.

    We’ll speak soon


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