And then there were two…

Our ice maker stopped making ice. Our water from the fridge became a very thin trickle.

We had a problem on our hands.

I went to the hardware store and bought a new Self Tapping Valve Saddle figuring the one that I installed when the fridge was delivered must have clogged up with corrosion.

See here is the deal. The previous home owner had already put (and left) a Tapping Valve on the pipe in the basement. I mistakenly just took the old one off and put my fresh new one in the same crusty hole left by the old valve. I should have left their old valve alone and started my own fresh spot on the water line. But that is water under the kitchen flooring.

Back to current day task at hand. I went to install the new valve (next to the current non working valve) and just as I said to myself “Don’t tighten it too much!” I heard a crunch and a slight slip in the wrench. “uh-oh” Sure enough when the water was turned back on I had a pretty indoor fountain.

I tightened the thing so tight that when I went to take it off and put on a new nut it cracked the nut in half. but in a bad way. Half slid off the end of the tubing and the other half of the nut was behind the little tubing sleeve. It wasn’t gonna come off either.

Back to the hardware store, this time for a tubing cutter.

I got the cutter, cut the tubing, installed the new nut and sleeve, inserted it into the valve, tightened it only so much. Then turned on the water to see if it leaked. No leak, so on to opening up the valve and seeing if there is water coming through to the fridge. Yes there was water at the fridge and it was more pressure than ever available before. It was great! Before we only had a slight flow through it and it wasn’t worth using it to get water cause it would take forever to fill up a small glass.

So I am actually glad it had to be replaced. We got great water pressure from it finally. Now maybe the ice will be full sized instead of these little slivers.

Here is a picture of “the twins” and me getting a glass of water with the new pressure!!!

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