We need more blood.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday to see what was causing my “hives” or “rash.” I guess I have been calling my rash “hives” and I should not have been. They drew two tubes of blood and tested it for all allergy causing agents.

I got the test results back today and they said I wasn’t allergic to anything. So, I can stay on the Zertec as long as needed to feel comfortable till the “go away” or take over the counter Claridon which makes some people sleepy. If it continues for a while they will send me to a dermatologist.

I go in on Saturday for more blood tests – this time cholesterol. The doctor wasn’t too happy that I failed to come back in and get retested seven months ago. Here’s the deal. I go in for something (I don’t remember what now) and on the spur of the moment they want to test me for cholesterol. So I ate all day and about an hour and a half before “test” time. Real accurate results. It showed I was high in all categories (big surprise). She gives me Lipitor (the one that causes liver damage) and I am to come back in a month or so later. I go back in after doing the proper 12 hour fast before the test and my liver is showing high levels and all the other cholesterol tests are in the normal range. So I am to stop taking Lipitor and come back in about another month to make sure my liver function returns to normal levels. I don’t go back till now, end of story.

I am going to see what the test results show this Saturday. I am doing it right, 12 hour fast, no Lipitor in my system and I hope my cholesterol levels are good. I will not take the Lipitor “just because” one faulty test says so.

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