Start of a new day.

I started my South Beach Diet (again) today. I began in January and got all the way down to 188 lb. from my original 210 lb. When May came along I was 188 lb. By the end of May I was 198 lb. Let’s just say May was not a good month.

I went to the grocery store and spent way too much money on food. It’s always that way. I feel old because I remember being able to buy a lot more food for a LOT less money.

I’m excited and glad to be back on the diet wagon. I did not feel good when I was off the diet. My acid reflex came back, my back ached from all the excess weight, and all my clothes were tight.

I will try to vary the foods this time. I tend to get into a “habit” of the same foods and I burn out from boredom.

By the way, my starting weight for today is: 200 lb.

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