Yard work is a killer!

My back is killing me for mowing the lawn. It took about an hour and a half to mow the front and back yards last night. They needed it. The front wasn’t too bad but the backyard had been skipped a turn the last mow around, so it was kind of deep. The backyard has fresh new grass and actually helped to skip a turn so it could really grow in. It’s all nice and green (despite the weeds adding to the green color).

I took a few pictures of the blooms and will try to get them posted soon. We have purple Calla Lilies blooming! I forgot we bought them. Even bulbs that Shannon though were dead have started to sprout.

2 thoughts on “Yard work is a killer!

  1. Until the doctor allows him to, Shannon can’t do any yard work. We have to wait and see the results of his pinky tendon healing. Once we have that result back, he’ll be back on yard duty. Shannon usually did ALL the yard work so it isn’t that much of a bad thing that I’m doing SOME of it now.

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