My computer got sick over the weekend. Sunday it died. It would not startup. Well, technically, it would startup but would stall in the process and never complete the startup. So I got to look at a pretty blue screen with a mouse pointer that did nothing.

I took my computer tower to the Apple Store on the Plaza and Josh at the Genius Bar took a look at it. I had tried about eight different things to fix it but they all failed. He tried a couple of things and then the decision was to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. I was fine with that because Saturday before/during the craziness of the computer acting up, I backed up my entire hard drive. I didn’t look forward to the task of moving all the information back over to my hard drive after the clean install but I liked that it was going to be a “working computer.”

All in all I was at the Genius Bar for about an hour and then I was on my mary way home with a healthy computer. What was my cost? ZERO. The Apple Genius Bar is free (unless there are parts involved). Josh ran diagnostic software, formated my Hard Drive, and installed the latest operating system for free. Apple RULES!!!

The computer is very fast and a lot better than it was before. I think the system corruption was more than I realized. This is also giving me a chance to organize my install and keep everything clean and orderly. The hard drive had tons of applications and files that didn’t really need to be there. Now I’ll back them up onto a CD and then clean out my external hard drive as well when I get everything moved back over that I want.


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