Open House Pictures

Mom emailed me some of the pictures they took while at the Gill Open House. I definitely need to get back on the diet after looking at these pictures.

Click on any picture to see a larger view.

The lunch room was nice and empty while we ate our lunch. Later we took a peek into the lunch room and it was elbow to elbow. The last picture is a display for the founder of the company Mr. Gill. There was a line of people to look at the display, my face shows the stress of a crowd looking on.

3 thoughts on “Open House Pictures

  1. Mr. Gill was the founder of Gill Studios Inc where I work. He passed away this Spring and they had a display of photos and articles that depicted his life and work at Gill Studios.

  2. Hello Steve I hope all is well. Sorry to hear Jackie is not doing well let me know how you are=

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