Jaki’s Hurting

When I came home from work yesterday I noticed Jaki was walking a little different. Barely noticeable but she was walking very carefully. She is hurting again. Either her back, hips, somewhere, we can’t figure it out. But she yelps whenever she tries to jump up onto furniture or down from furniture.

She woke me up at 2:30 screaming in the living room. She made it up into my bed and managed to sleep. I however could not sleep for fear of bumping into her and making her hurt more. So I didn’t get much sleep at all. I hope she gets to feeling better today.

I’ve closed my bedroom door so she wouldn’t jump up onto my bed and hurt her back any more than it already is.

I hope it gets better real soon. I hate to watch her in pain. She didn’t want me to go to work today. She wanted to be held but I couldn’t pick her up cause it would hurt her.

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