Clean House, kitty!

Since my folks are coming down from Ralston next weekend; it’s clean time. There are a lot of areas in this house I haven’t “spring cleaned” yet and it’s gonna happen this weekend! Plus I need to get the stuff in the garage back down into the basement (maybe, if I can lift it alone). I’m tired of squeezing out of the car when I’m parked in the garage.

I am spending a lot of time playing with my new computer system. Same old computer but with a new operating system (OS X 10.4 Tiger). It has some really cool stuff that came with the operating system!

Tomorrow I have to get Jaki in to the vet to have her toe nails trimmed. It is time and it will give her a week to “dull” the edges before my folks arrive.

One simple thing I just love about this new OS is Safari (my web browser) now automatically checks my spelling as I type. This blog is done in a web browser window. So before I would have to copy and paste my text into another app to check the spelling. What a hassle that was! Now I just get a jagged red line when I mess up! Plus it will correct the word for me or give suggestions.

Ahhh, progress!

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