It’s over!

I quit the yard sale at about 11:30 AM because there was just no one interested. I had maybe 6 people from 8:00 AM to 11:00. One was from the previous day and came back to buy Shannon’s writing desk.

So now is the task of putting all that heavy furniture back down in the basement. I wish it would have sold.

I made a realization from the yard sale. When I had them on the Plaza it was a much younger group of people in the area. They were starting off in their lives and needed lots of kitchen stuff and furniture. Whereas here in Raytown everyone is pretty much older and about to retire so they have everything and are trying to get ride of stuff. This is why everything I thought would sell didn’t and if I was on the Plaza it would have all been cleared out.

I don’t think I’ll have another sale here. I may cart my stuff off to a midtown yard sale if someone I know is holding one. Just not worth it here in Raytown.

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