Work, Work Work-end

I have been a busy weekend project guy! Saturday I put in seven new door handles (4 that locked, 3 for closets) for my friend Jim. While there I also hung a picture light for him. Then today, I put in three lighted light switches (two for the bathroom: fan and light, and one in Shannon’s room). Now all the rooms have lighted switches so it is easier to find them in the dark. And this place is dark at night with no street lights anywhere.

I finally got the money to buy two ceiling fans (one for the office and the other for the big bedroom). So I had two ceiling fans to put in today as well and good timing with the power off for the light switches. Both have remotes. That was a challenge to figure out how to cram wire and a remote box up into the ceiling box. Lucky for me, one set of instructions was better than the other and explained how to go about it. Weird, because both remotes are from the same company and the same model. So now with a touch of a button I can change the speed of the fan, shut the fan off, turn the light(s) on or off or even dim the lights. The light settings are remembered so the next time you turn the lights on they are on the same dim setting as when they were turned off. Pretty darn cool!

Shannon helped me figure out the breaker box. I would turn off a breaker and he’d walk around the house looking for the light that went off in a room. However, we still have a couple of mystery switches. They must turn off wall plugs or something. But at least now the we can safely get most of the house off or on if we choose.

The trees around the house are all in bloom and they look great.

The ceiling fan in the bedroom and office are helping a lot, already! This is the most comfortable I have been in the office with out the A/C on. It is a hot and stuffy room (plus the computer doesn’t help with all the heat it puts off).

Bedroom Fan (before and after):

Office Fan (before and after):

Lowe’s finally came out and replaced my dented Freezer door. All is good now with the new Side-By-Side.

Yes, I feel like I’ve accomplished a ton this weekend. Feels good. Next weekend (Friday and Saturday) is our Yard Sale and that will prove to be a lot of work as well. I can feel the Winter weight burn off already!

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