Laundry, Hair, and a Clothing Rack

Shannon took off work early tonight so he could finish up his three day laundry chore. Yes, that is correct, 3 DAYS of doing laundry. Let’s just say he has a lot of clothes and can go a long time without doing laundry, but when it does come time it takes forever.

I, in the mean time, need to do my laundry but can seem to get near the washer and dryer for all of Shannon’s laundry “in progress.” So Shannon took off work, as I said, so he could finish up his laundry and I could do mine. Which I might add, only takes me a few hours – not days to do.

Time to cut my buzz cut. Can’t let it get out of shape when it’s this short.

Since Shannon has so many clothes and it would be really nice to have, I am going to make a clothing rack in the basement next to the washer and dryer. I’m using closet dowels, some eye hooks, and chain to make a double tier shirt area with a pants area. Pictures to follow.

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