The New Fridge Arrives & Backyard Makeover

Sorry this didn’t get posted earlier, lots of pictures to go through and figure out which ones to use.

Shannon’s been busy in the back yard sewing seed and planting flowers. I took pictures of the work so we’ll have a before and later this summer a fantastic after (I hope).

Shannon put in a garden that is in a free-form shape around the deck. I bought a cool bird bath and we put that in one of the curvy shapes of the deck garden. So far I haven’t seen any birds in the water. I saw one Robin on the edge of the bird bath but never enter the water. I think it might be too deep. Shannon thinks it’s fine. The birds and squirrels sure do love all the grass seed Shannon scattered after hours and hours of de-thatching the back yard. There is still a lot of work to be done but we’ve had a great start.

Here are the backyard photos. Click on any to see them bigger and in a new window.

Then there is the new fridge. Good thing I didn’t get a fridge bigger than what I bought. The guys from Lowe’s had to remove the fridge from the box and take both doors off to get it through the front door (the largest door way in the house). In taking the doors off and moving them into the kitchen the freezer door got a dent in it. So when they get a new shipment of GE refrigerators (possibly Tuesday) they will bring a new freezer door out and replace our dented one.

There is a slight problem with the water line to the fridge as well. I put that in and used an existing tap. I don’t think I got all the nuts tight because it has a very slow leak. I’ll go down and look and it will have a drip forming on the connection. I’ll wipe it off and check hours later and a new drip has formed but not collection of water below the connection so it is a very slow leak. I may have to redo the connection to solve the problem before it becomes worse.

So here are the fridge pictures:

The “Dent”

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