My kingdom for a throne!

We had a slight leak from the toilet bolts that hold the tank to the stool so they needed to be replaced. Thus begins the nightmare!

I decided to replace all the innards while it was appart and it was obvious they all were pretty old.

Everything was going fairly well. Minor set backs upon trying to remove the very old handle and replace it with a new one. The old one was corroded past the point of removal. I ended up sawing the thing in half to get it off.

All the other parts came off/out easily until I got to the large nut holding the plastic tube that the flapper sits on. Someone got the bright idea of using an old metal nut on a plastic pipe. Corrosion and years made the metal nut glued to the plastic. I had to call in my friends from Lee’s Summit to help get the dang thing off. We ended up sawing through the plastic pipe and then the nut fell of when we squeezed the pipe smaller.

Everything flowed smoothly after that and only took about fifteen minutes to get everything installed and the toilet back up and running.

Later that same day…
I visited with my friend Jim who had his kitchen remodeled. Here are the before and after photos. It looks GREAT!!! I love his sink and fridge! His fridge has cool blue lights on the water and ice front.

I have kitchen envy!

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