5 Years Bladder Cancer Free!

I had my Cystoscopy Friday morning and my bladder was all clear and free from cancer! This marks 5 years being Bladder Cancer Free!

Wow was this visit painful! I don’t know if they didn’t use enough lubricant or what happened. The urologist was also fighting the scope; it kept twisting away from the view he was attempting to get. So he would twist it really quickly and hard to get it back into the proper view.

As a result my innards are VERY unhappy today. Friday it wasn’t too bad because there was still some numbing in there and today that is all worn off.

Usually it feels like I’m peeing pins and needles but today it feels more like razor blades! In fact I have a hard time starting and get a nice jolt of pain during the start of a stream. At the end of the stream it’s also painful but not as much as the beginning is.

I’m drinking a massive amount of Cranberry Juice to see if that helps with the insides and also help prevent any potential future infection.

I’m now on the road to 6 years bladder cancer free in February of 2019!

4 Years Bladder Cancer Free!!!

I had my Cystoscopy this morning and my bladder was all clear and free from cancer! This marks four years being Bladder Cancer Free!

Till next February when I get my next Cystoscopy; I’ll being diligently trying to eat all the foods I should be eating and avoiding the bad foods that cancer just loves to use to grow and multiply (sugar). I’ll have a cheat of sugar here and there but I have to refrain from gorging on sugary stuff.

3 Years Bladder Cancer Free!!!

I was more nervous than ever for this bladder check up. I’m so glad the procedure¬†is over and I’m officially bladder cancer free.

I go back for my next yearly visit in March of 2017. I will, forever, have to have yearly check ups. Once (if ever) the bladder cancer returns; I’ll have to undergo a bunch of other stuff too. I hope that never happens!!!

On a sad note, Jaki passed away last year on December 12, 2015 – she was 15 years old. She had been having a lot more trouble with pain and spent the last few days of her life suffering. We think there was cancer in her tail and it had begun to spread, but we’ll never know. She is not suffering anymore and is happy and running freely everywhere as fast as she use to as a puppy – and that was extremely fast!

We miss her greatly and hope to get a new puppy/dog sometime in 2017. The new puppy/dog will never fill her place in our hearts but hopefully it will bring joy and happiness to a deserving puppy/dog.

2 Years Cancer Free!!!

Today I had my Cystoscopy done and there was no cancer in my bladder brining my total up to 2 years without cancer!

I am now up to the stage where I can wait a year before getting another scope done; so my next visit will be March 11, 2016.

Here are some pictures of the procedure room where the scope was performed.  IMG_2195 IMG_2196 IMG_2197

1 Year 6 Months Cancer Free Badge

I had my 6 month Cystoscopy visit this morning and it was Cancer free and all clear so that makes a total of 1 year and 6 months cancer free!!!

I will have another Cystoscopy visit on March 13, 2015. If this next visit is cancer free as well; then I’ll get to move into the once a year visits.